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Chalk Crayon

Chalk Crayon

SKU: 0617OT0C001

Our Chalk, Beyond a traditional chalk.


Chalkapella simply means the singing chalk. Derived from CHALK + CAPELLA. Our Chalk Crayon is a breakthrough in the chalk industry from years of innovation. Its’ amazing characteristics of being dustless, smudge proof, toxic-free and eco friendly has a 15 times longer life span than any traditional chalk. Together with strong color pigments in every colour creates a true beauty in every piece of artwork. The true essence of chalk art.


Chalkapella Chalk Crayon maintains the beauty of chalk art while withstanding those curiously itchy hands around preserving your precious artwork perfectly at all time. We truly understand each and everyone of your concern!


Perfectly suitable for kids and kids at heart. Grab one and start chalking on everything cause it works well on most surfaces that you can imagine. To erase your work, simply wipe with damp cloth. Whether you are an artist at heart or simply practicing a chic lifestyle through decorations and labeling, this is the fun way to colour up your life!


Ideally to use with our chalkboard vinyl sticker, Chalkapella Chalk-A-Tee Shirt or any existing blackboard surfaces.


    • Smudge Proof
    • Eco Friendly
    • Toxic Free
    • Strong Color Pigment

    Your satisfaction is very important to us!


    If you are dissatisfied with your item please contact us within 10 days of receipt of item and we will make arrangements to either refund you the cost of the item (less shipping) or place a new order for you. 


    We apologize, no refunds can be given on custom items, so please make sure you are certain of your choices when placing the order.


    • Store in a dry, cool place.
    • Wipe away with wet cloth/tissue.
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